Tara Noone, ASW: Is Adoption Right for Us? A Five-Session Online Group

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Have you been thinking of growing your family by adoption? It is so hard to know where to begin. This five-session online workshop will educate you about the main types of adoption --- foster-adopt, private domestic adoption and international adoption --- and how to compare them. Together we will candidly examine what the adoption process will require of you across the board, including emotionally, financially and in terms of time. Through psychoeducation, exploration of shared materials and some brief experiential exercises we will engage in a process of understanding and discernment. By the last session you should be clearer about whether adoptive parenting is a choice you are ready to make and if so, which kind of adoption is best for your family.10 hours * Mondays 5:30 pm-7:30 pm * January 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th and February 6, 2023 * We will meet online * $500 per familyhttps://www.taranoonesocialworker.com/is-adoption-right-for-us.html Tara Noone is a therapist with Grateful Heart Holistic Counseling Center. She was formerly an adoption social worker and the Director of Adoptive Parent Services at Adoption Connection in San Francisco.  She served on the planning committee for the California Adoption Conference for five years and led workshops at the conferences each of those years.  She has taught adoption competency and the evaluation and treatment of the members of the adoption triad to therapists and school psychologists in Northern California.  She has served on the board of Weaving Threads, a group that serves first/birth mothers in adoption.  She currently treats all members of the triad in her practice. 

Tara Noone
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