Tara Layman Photography: Don't Miss Out on Photo Camp this Summer! 50% OFF!

Summer & Holiday Camps
Preteens, Teens, Young Adults, Adults

Before everyone goes back to school this fall, there is still time to get creative and learn about photography! 

We are offering online opportunities as well as socially distant lessons to keep everyone safe while still having fun learning to capture amazing photos this summer!  Photography can be a approachable and incredibly creative medium to capture the world around us and stop a moment in time! These programs offer students real life experience and tools to practice their skills in educational and fun ways! 

We are offering huge discounts for the rest of the summer of up to 50% off of registration fees! 

Take a look at the dates and information here to sign up! 


We look forward to having you join the program and making the most of what's left of the summer! 

Tara Layman
tara [at] taralayman.com