SuperBrain Neurofeedback: Help with: Sleep * Focus * Stress * Anxiety

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From our relaxing family-friendly spa on Solano Ave or the comfort of your home, you can train your brain to be more optimized.  Effortless neurofeedback sessions are as easy as 33-minutes of relaxing and listening to music while your brain does all the work.  

With accumulated neurofeedback training kids report:

  • Better focus and attention
  • Better in social situations
  • Better sleep
  • Calmer, more relaxed
  • Easier time falling asleep
  • Easier time with schoolwork
  • Easier transitions
  • Fewer tantrums
  • Less anxious
  • Less hyperactivity
  • Less impulsivity
  • Less picky about foods and sensory things
  • Less performance-anxiety
  • Fewer tears
  • More responsive
  • More self-esteem
  • More self-regulated
  • More joyful

With a take-home unit, the whole family can easily train together.  When the parent is calm and centered, the child has a much easier time regulating themselves.  

The top reported shifts from parents who brain train are:

  • improved sleep
  • improved attention/focus
  • reduced anxieties/stress/tension and stress-related issues
  • reduced depression
  • reduced mental chatter

As you can imagine, being well-rested and more centered can help us better manage the stress of parenting and help us be good models as our children tune to our frequency. 

How it works:

From the comfort of your home with a take-home rental unit you are given the entire kit and training to use it.

Sensors are placed on your scalp and ears that feed the electrical activity from your brain to the NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Software. During the 33 minute session, you listen to music (or some younger children prefer to watch a movie.) The software creates a feedback loop by disrupting audio output when it detects an instability or change in your brain activity. Your brain uses this information to organize and optimize. Our auditory perception is always on so even if you fall asleep, read a book, or reply to emails during your session you are getting the benefits of brain training!

SuperBrain is on a mission to offer brain training to kids and parents in an effort to promote calm, increase focus and the joy of learning, and to improve connections within families. Get in touch so we can discuss how brain training can help your family.

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***SuperBrain is now operating within the Bay Area Brain Spa at 1496 Solano Ave in Albany.  We offer many wellness services that are all contactless and safe, we set you up and you relax in your own space for the treatment time: Neurofeedback, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Acupressure Massage, NanoVi, PEMF, Red Light Therapy.  

Please contact me with any questions and I'm always happy to schedule a private phone or Zoom consultation. 

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