Sunnyside Micro School: Small Elementary School for Sensitive Kids

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Sunnyside is a one of a kind elementary program for creative, sensitive 6-12 year olds whose learning styles may not be a fit for more traditional school options. For students who get anxious, overstimulated or bored in school, we offer a project-based learning environment where students can experience freedom, choice and creativity as they navigate our very rich STEM-based curriculum. Our Montessori-trained teachers specialize in "2E" students- those who excel in some areas and are more challenged in others. Language arts and math are provided in 1:1 coaching sessions with teachers, and we spend recess time at a local park every day.  It is a place where students who have struggled in traditional public and private school settings can truly find their voice, build confidence and begin to thrive as learners!  Learn more at or please email so we can discuss whether Sunnyside might be a fit for your kiddo.

Sunnyside Micro School
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