Sunnyside Micro School: Serving Gifted, 2E Elementary Students in Oakland

K-12 Schools with Current Openings

The Sunnyside Micro School has a couple winter/spring 2020 openings for our unique elementary school program in Oakland, CA. We work with sensitive, quirky, gifted and "twice exceptional" (2E) kids age 6-12.  Using a project-based learning model, we support students in learning at their own pace while also following a STEM and maker-focused curriculum.  Math and language arts are offered via 1:1 sessions with teachers, and our amazing teaching staff comes with deep experience in Montessori education, nonviolent communication and collaborative problem-solving.  With a max enrollment of 15, and a very high teacher-student ratio, we are committed to providing a nurturing, compassionate and supportive environment for our awesome students to truly thrive!  Learn more: or email us for information.  

Sunnyside Micro School
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