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Right now, as a result of your depression, you may be experiencing…

  • A pervasive sense of sadness and hopelessness.
  • Changes in your appetite and sleeping patterns.
  • A sense of “What’s the point?”
  • Low energy and loss of interest in things that used to bring you joy.

You’re realizing that your depression is getting in the way of your life…

  • You’re finding it harder and harder to get out of bed and find the energy to do all the things that life requires of you.
  • You’re having thoughts like, “What’s the point?” or “Would it be better if I wasn’t here?” and you’re scared by these thoughts.
  • You feel like you’re interacting with your friends and family through a pane of frosted glass, you feel disconnected and they notice it, too.
  • You’re going through the motions at work and in your personal life, feeling flat and numb.
  • You can’t concentrate as well anymore and it’s negatively affecting your work.

You’re wondering…

  • Is this depression? Am I depressed?
  • Will I need to go on medication? Or just do talk therapy?
  • What if I can’t get better? Can therapy really help me feel less depressed?

You’re longing for…

  • A chance to feel like your old self again, before the depression set in.
  • To feel excited and hopeful about life again. To see more of a point to it all.
  • The ability to sleep well, eat well and feel energized and healthy again.
  • The answers as to why you’re feeling this way, and more importantly, a pathway out. 
  • The experience of enjoying your life again.

Believe me, what you’re longing for is possible.

By working with me and treating your depression you can imagine:

  • Your energy will be back and you will feel more hopeful and optimistic about life.
  • You won't have those worrying thoughts.
  • You will feel closer and more connected to the important relationships in your life.
  • You will feel more present and connected with your life.
  • You will feel like your old self again.

I care deeply about supporting adolescent males and adult men who feel alone, invisible, and weighed down by their depression.

As a former member of the Army National Guard, I witnessed firsthand the results of depression, trauma, and stress and the havoc that they can wreak on a person’s life. Counseling was a natural step into a field that has equipped me with the experience and knowledge to help people develop their inner strength, build deeper relationships with the people around them, and rediscover their joy. I have a heart for helping people arrive at this type of insight and change. In addition, I enjoy getting to learn from clients each day and the personal growth that comes with accompanying you on the journey toward healing.

I'm currently accepting new clients for telehealth therapy and yes, even when done remotely, telehealth therapy is still extremely effective in treating depression. 

You can book a complimentary 20-minute consult call with me hereYou can also read more about me and my clinical work hereAnd you can see my up-to-the-minute openings and fee information here. 

It's an honor to be of support to you.

Stephen Duraney
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