Smart Start Daycare: Now Hiring Teacher Aid

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I'm a licensed, large home daycare in Hercules. I’m seeking to fill a full time position with someone experienced or with the willingness to learn the in and outs preschool activities. I give creative freedom to create fun ways of teaching to capture and keep the attention of little minds. The ideal candidate will have an outgoing warm personality, that will attract children. This individual will love to interact with the children and not just stand by as an observer. Candidate will Able to multi task and be alert to the children’s safety. The ideal candidate is able to work independently with little to no supervision, works well with others, has a pleasant friendly disposition and a flexible schedule. PUNCTUALITY and RELIABILITY is must. Looking for someone bi-lingual in Spanish. MUST LOVE KIDS! Must be First aid and CPR certified and finger printed.


  • Oversee the safety of children in your care.
  • Ensure that children are safe and well behaved.
  • Assist children with craft projects and other creative activities to completion.
  • Provides snacks and meals for children.
  • Makes sure daycare center is clean and organized and meets The Department Of Health’s standards.
  • oversees children at recess as they play inside /outside.
  • Monitors interactions between children and in the case of a dispute intervene to ensure a positive conflict resolution.
  • Disciplines children when necessary.
  • Provides updates to parents on children’s behavior and progress.
  • Administers first aid when necessary.
  • Comforts children who are experiencing emotional distress.
  • Perform activities to meet the Standard of my educational curriculum.
  • Arranges and oversees nap time

And other responsibilities that are part of services offered as part of the program.

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