Sienna Ranch: Week 11 (Aug 10th-14th) 9am-3pm New Camp Openings

Summer & Holiday Camps
Preschoolers, Kinder, School-Aged, Preteens

Join us for nature outdoor camps for PreK-5th Grade, Monday through Friday. Sienna Ranch camps include visiting animals, exploring the hills, pottery, archery, woodshop and more! You can check out for more details about camp and how we are safely operating in person camp during COVID-19. Week 11 has a Survival in the Wild nature themed camp.

Farm Hands Camp Description: Spend a week getting to know the residents of Sienna Ranch: the chickens, sheep, goats, ducks and horses. Campers will experience engaging interactions and complete meaningful chores while learning how to care for our animals. Campers will enjoy traditional farm activities including milking our goats, making goat milk treats such as smoothies or cheese, harvesting from our garden, and crafting with wool from our sheep. Our staff bring a passion for youth and animals together in this fantastic program where children will build relationships and learn respect for the living creatures at Sienna Ranch and delight in the timeless pleasures of ranch life.Our awesome new Morning Camp curriculum will now also include an age-appropriate mix of bonus specialty content from our afternoon camps such as woodshop, pottery, gardening, cooking, and archery for older students.

Survival in the Wild Camp Description: Surviving in the wild is no easy task, but with the right skills, it’s a lot of fun! This camp introduces the fundamentals of staying alive: fire making, shelter building, foraging for food, and purifying water. Activities will include hiking, practicing lost proofing skills, and sharpening our awareness of our surroundings. Campers will assemble a survival kit to bring home and will practice their navigation skills in a culminating hike in the hills surrounding Sienna Ranch. Camps will also include an age-appropriate mix of bonus specialty content from our afternoon camps such as woodshop, pottery, gardening, cooking, and archery.

Ranch Equestrian Camp Description: Riding, horse-themed games, and horsemanship skills are the main activities in this camp. Campers will enjoy daily mounted and unmounted lessons in riding and horsemanship and other fun and educational horsey activities.  Campers work on new skills appropriate to their level during each mounted lesson. Through groundwork games and activities campers will learn horse communication, grooming, tacking, leading & tying, and how we care for horses to keep them healthy and happy.  When they are not working directly with the horses, campers will spend time practicing skills on the ground via various games and exercises that help develop their ability in the saddle.  Our Equestrian campers love getting to know our four legged friends!

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