Seven Starling: How to manage "mom guilt" (Free, virtual event)

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Mom Guilt: How to balance your needs with your responsibilities during pregnancy and early parenthood

Tuesday Oct 26 at 4pm PST - Free, Virtual Event

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Have you felt guilty about not doing enough, or wanting back parts of your old self? You're not alone! Paige Bellenbaum, Licensed Master Social Worker and Founding Director of the Motherhood Center and Carly Bravo, Nurse Midwife and the Education Lead for Seven Starling, discuss how to address guilt that is all too often a part of the pregnancy and postpartum periods. You will learn practical solutions for navigating the push and pull between your responsibilities and your own needs.

Questions we'll answer together:

  • What is guilt? Why is it so common for pregnant people and new parents? 
  • How does guilt present differently in pregnancy versus parenthood?
  • What do I do with all this guilt?! How do I get rid of it? Help! 
  • Is there a way to find a balance? I'm worried about balancing my relationships with my personal needs.

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