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Sees the Day is a value-based teaching program for children ages 6-11. Sees the Day is committed to instilling in children a respect for and appreciation of each other and the natural world. Building connections, individual character, and personal awareness through theme-based activities and ethical dialogues is the primary focus of each session. Guest educators and performers, theater/improvisation, music, cooperative games, team building exercises, nature awareness, eco-literacy, Ohlone history, beading, fairy houses, fort building, lake hikes, gratitude circles, and laughter filled summertime fun will round out a dynamic experience for all.

Currently, there are two individual sessions to choose from, July 25-August 12 & August 15-26. *Signing up for an abbreviated session is allowed, although I prefer that CIT’s commit to the entire session.

Drop off and pick up occurs daily in Tilden Park at the Carousel Picnic Site. Each day begins at 8:45 a.m. and lasts until 4:30 p.m. Approximately 30-32 children will attend each session.

It’s not stressful! It's designed to be a low-pressure learning environment, relaxed and fun. CIT’s participate in every aspect of the weekly program and will receive exposure to some interesting presentations and teachings while providing support with free play, circle activities and time spent exploring the unique environs of Tilden Park. In addition, they’ll gain valuable leadership and social skills. Counselors regularly report that this was a unique and valuable growth experience for them!

This experience looks good on your teenager’s extracurricular activity resume. Following their assignment and upon request, I provide letters of recommendation that can be used for independent high school applications, future employment opportunities and college applications.

Founder and Director, Kirk Cooper has 30+ years' experience working with children in a variety of educational settings. Registration forms, camp fees, health and safety practices, additional testimonials, and specific CIT responsibilities can be found at You may also contact Kirk Cooper at kirkseestheday [at]

“Sees the Day in my view is the perfect summer day camp. My two kids have really enjoyed their days spent with Sees the Day and Kirk Cooper's team. My kids have attended a wide variety of summer camps, and Sees the Day is their reigning favorite. I suspect is the camaraderie they have with the other campers and Kirk's ability to facilitate this fellowship. As for myself, I like that the kids are spending the day outside, interacting with other kids, having some structured activities and time to hang out, and I like that Kirk is imparting values that I would want my kids to hear. He makes mutual respect and respect for the outdoors a dual priority. A day at Sees the Day is as much of a character-building experience as it is a pastime. Sees the Day is our families favorite summer camp.” ~Not your Dad's Kind of Dad “

I would never have found my passion for the environment without your steady mentorship and wonderful example. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me and the next generation of kind, mindful younglings. That's what has always drawn me back to Sees the Day year after year, and why I will continue to come back. Your love for the environment, people, and kindness is truly, as many people say, contagious.” ~Reilly Manton, Lead Counselor

Kirk Cooper
kirkseestheday [at]