Sees the Day Camp: Announcing Dates for Summer, 2020

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Kinder, School-Aged, Preteens, Teens

Sees the Day is committed to instilling in children a respect and appreciation for each other and the natural world. Building connections, individual character and personal awareness through theme-based activities and ethical dialogues will be the primary focus of each weekly session. Guest educators and performers (scientists, conservationists, musicians, children’s book authors, storytellers), theater/improvisation, cooperative games, team building exercises, nature awareness, earth stewardship, Native American history and lore, beading, fairy houses, fort building, lake hikes, daily gratitude circles, free play and laughter filled summertime fun will round out a unique experience for all.

Educators know that something remarkable happens when children have opportunities to engage in outdoor education. Children develop an understanding of their environment and often become it’s stewards and champions. They discover that being outdoors opens up a whole new world that extends far beyond the media and information systems they find indoors. Most importantly, they delight in simple moments of observation and wonder. It’s these moments that help rekindle their connection to the natural world.

Another reward of Sees the Day is the intimacy and compact size of our program. We will continue to accommodate a maximum of 28-30 children per weekly session. Eleven weekly sessions will be offered from June 8-August 21. Each day lasts from 8:45 a.m.-3:45 p.m. Extended Day is available from 3:45-5:30 p.m. for an additional fee.

Drop off and pick up occurs each Monday-Thursday at Tilden Park and each Friday at Glendale La Loma Park in the Berkeley Hills.

Cost of each weekly session is $400.00.  A limited amount of fee assistance is available upon request.

*Counselor opportunities are available for motivated teens ages 12-16. 

Founder and Director, Kirk Cooper has 30+ years experience working with children in a variety of educational settings.

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You may contact Kirk at kirkseestheday [at] or call him at (510) 917-5573

“Sees the Day is a relaxed outdoor day camp with a focus on science, nature, stewardship, empathy and compassion geared to elementary school aged kids (K-5). Kids spend the day primarily in Tilden Park (Lake Anza region) doing things like team building activities and cooperative games, hiking, storytelling, fairy house and fort building and imaginative play in the small redwood grove. Guest speakers come each week with themes on conservation, creativity, music, animals and nature awareness. My son has spent many formative summers here, and loved the open, non-gender, focused activities. Kids of mixed ages play together, in a small, supervised camp! The key to the camp success is the camp founder, educator, and director Kirk Cooper, who is the one actually there playing, teaching and hanging out with the kids with years of experience and dedication to children. It is kind of like the best secret summer camp in the Berkeley!”--UCB Parent

“You should get an award for creating this program!”--Laura Mason Ph.D, parent

Kirk Cooper
kirkseestheday [at]
510 917-5573