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Review or advance a year in math, Spanish, or writing and grammar this summer!

Who are our students?

Our summer students are motivated grade K-12 students who want to advance, review, and ease the transition to fall. Join a class, take our courses privately, or create a duo, trio, or quad with your school friends.

Who’s the instructor?

Sarah Bruschi is a valedictorian and UC Berkeley grad who studied math and literature at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and taught at the ATDP program for the Gifted and Talented. She’s a full-time Lamorinda educator with a CA math teaching credential.

What’s covered?

Courses cover topics from a full year’s worth of material. Session A covers the first half of the year. Session B covers the second half of the year. Students access 30-60 minutes of at-home practice each weekday from our Google Classroom and have questions answered in a weekly 50-minute Zoom meeting. Writing and Spanish students write a weekly essay and art students share a weekly creative work.

Current offerings

  • Advanced Elementary Math Grades 4 – 5 
  • Middle School Math Grades 6 – 7 
  • Algebra I 
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Grammar and Writing Grades 5-7
  • Grammar and Writing Grades 8-10
  • Spanish for Secondary School Grades 5-7
  • Spanish for Secondary School Grades 8-10

What's the cost?

Session A: $550 • Session B: $550 • FULL COURSE: $1100 Each summer session includes 5 weeks of daily online classroom access with weekly 50-minute Zoom meetings.

Email Sarah to set the time for your group or sign up now for classes. Students get Google Classroom access at our first meeting and my Zoom ID is always the same. See you this summer!

Sign up for summer 2021 now to review or preview a yearlong course in math, Spanish, or writing.

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