Remedy Barre + Roll: Take Barre While Your Little One Plays!

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Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kinder, School-Aged

The best barre studio in Oakland is now offering childcare during our Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am barre classes, and again during our Saturday 8:30am/9:45am classes! It's super affordable at $6/child. Come do something great for yourselves while your baby has a ball in our safe, indoor play yard.

Pre and Post-Natal Benefits of Barre and Rolling:

  • Find community and a potential babysitter in our awesome childcare staff
  • Feel strong and powerful from the inside
  • Gain and maintain mobility for a more ache-free life

Make it a great Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning for BOTH of you! Register at orĀ email info [at] for more info.

Magge Valentino
info [at]