Preschool Psychology: New Group Forming, Wednesday Evenings, "Parenting for Kindergarten Readiness"

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Walnut Creek

Parenting for Kindergarten Readiness is a 6-week group that will take place on Wednesday evenings (2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20).  It is designed for parents of children starting Kindergarten or T-K in the fall. The group will address the challenging aspects of your preschool child’s behavior, and how you can help prepare your child for success when they transition into Kindergarten. Each week, we will discuss topics such as the impact of temperament on your child’s behavior, helping your child build self-regulatory skills, managing your child’s difficult behaviors, and effective parent-child communication strategies. There will be time for check-ins, didactics, self-reflective exercises, and questions. 5-person max. 

Please visit my website for more information about my practice. Feel free to contact me directly with questions or to sign up at rsoffer [at] or 510-282-5710. The cost is $250 per participant. We will be meeting at 2940 Camino Diablo in Walnut Creek. 

Rebecca Soffer
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