Positive Parenthood: What REALLY Matters For REAL Littles

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Parenting children from birth to five is tough. It is also full of an awful lot of opinions, of varying levels of expertise. Especially right now in such COVID isolation, it's hard to know which end us up. 

There may be tantrums and fighting, whining and aggression, delays and demands. It may feel like you are walking on eggshells, or like *no one* understands how tricky it is. 

Join a mother-daughter PhD pair (Dr. Robin & Dr. Chelsey) with 25+ years in early childhood mental health & social emotional learning for research-informed, brain-centered, and relationship-based approaches and techniques for supporting young children to navigate a range of emotions.

In our workshop WHAT REALLY MATTERS FOR REAL LITTLES we will discuss....

  • tools for what to do when the feelings get REAL BIG
  • why saying no, not, and don't isn't going to work short-term OR long-term, and what to say instead 
  • how to join your child's play in ways that feel agentive & natural AND that encourage language & good development 
  • how to help your real littles learn to play peacefully with each other and with you! 

Join us on Thursday, February 18 from 7:30-9pm for a conversation on what REALLY matters for REAL LITTLES, led by Dr. Chelsey and Dr. Robin. Save your spot here- space limited to allow for intimacy & connection. 

About Positive Parenthood: Run by a double-PhD team with 25+ years of experience in the field, we bring together research and expertise in speech&language pathology, child development, restorative justice for families, literacy & screens, special needs and social emotional development. More than anything, we bring decades of expertise supporting families to find peace and cooperation- even when nothing else has worked. At Positive Parenthood, we run courses, community, and coaching that emphasizes relationship based approaches to achieving calm! 

What Parents Say: 

"I came for the child with autism. What I found was an approach that healed the whole family." - Mom of 4 kids, 2 with special needs 

"I came to recognize how much my own emotional regulation affected my children, and I learned what to say instead of all the things I was saying, that weren't working." -Mom of 2 teens 

"Dr. Chelsey helped me realize that the child who was *ruining our lives* was actually one with high needs and extreme sensitivity. With this approach, I found my child's humanity." -Mom of 3, including one spirited little one 

"Dr. Robin changed my life. She and her approach are absolutely unparalleled- and I have attended every talk, read every book, clawed my way into all the extra supports. I could finally relax when Dr. Robin got involved." -Mom of 3 

Chelsey Hauge
chelsey [at] positiveparenthood.org