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How many times did you threaten the kids with  loss of privileges today? How exhausted are you from negotiating sibling disputes that turn violent over things like who gets to shut the car door? How crappy did it feel in your body, each time you raised your voice? How ready are you to make a change? Here's the truth- even with a PhD in social emotional learning + decades of experience in the field I struggled, too. The answer was relationship based tools. What's that, you say?

Join me- and my mama, Dr. Robin Hauge on Jan 17 at 2pm for a FREE workshop on how to reduce conflict and get kids to listen. We will teach you....

  • Why taking away privileges is actually not going to teach your children to be respectful
  • Our easy formula for getting kids to cooperate and take turns and (gasp!) play together kindly
  • What to do instead of yelling that will feel good for EVERYONE.

 Save your spot here: https://www.positiveparenthood.org/bigfeelingsjanuary

Chelsey Hauge
chelsey [at] positiveparenthood.org