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Join us for a 5-Day Challenge & Reset Your Parenting with Positive Parenthood! 

For the first time EVER we are giving you our core concepts: the tenants for how to create calm when nothing else has worked.... and we're doing it for FREE. 

When you join us for the 5-Day Parenting Challenge, you get....

  • daily emails: each day, we'll focus on 1 core concept- you'll get a visual of the concept + an exercise or something to try out with your children 
  • access to our LIVE, REAL TIME support forum hosted through Facebook messenger
  • and..... ACCESS TO OUR FOUNDATIONAL CONCEPTS- drawn from the research & 30+ years in experience working with families parenting tricky children and navigating tough situations. 

JOIN US HERE: https://www.positiveparenthood.org/5daychallenge

Here's the truth: it doesn't matter if your child is 2 or 12 or 22. The CONCEPTS are the same.... the application is specific to your child & situation. 

Here's another truth: we know there's oodles of parenting coaches out there. When you work with Dr. Chelsey & Dr. Robin, you're getting: 

  • TWO PhDs (childhood mental health & social emotional learning); a speech pathologist; an expert in justice & empathy..... 
  • RESEARCH. We are not going to tell you to use a sticker chart. Why? THE RESEARCH DOES NOT SUPPORT IT. We are going to give you a highly specific way to praise your children- grounded in research and our experience working with all kinds of families (neurotypical, neurodiverse, having a tough time, navigating behavior or challenge, dealing with alpha kids and spirited littles- we got you). 
  • EXPERIENCE. We bring a combined 50+ years to the field. 

An Oakland Dad of two wrote: "The program was transformative for my parenting. The tools allowed me to self-regulate more quickly and calmly and be available to meet and support my kids where they're at with more respect and understanding. The tools themselves aren't anything elaborate. They're really easy to incorporate. It was affirming to get the message that we can try the tools out and maybe not get it just right but learn and even backtrack. That that's ok and if we permit that for ourselves, we have more capacity to support our kids who will do the same. The format is easily digestible and the cohort is a supportive space to be real, be seen and heard, validated and supported in a non-judgemental space."

A South Bay Mama wrote: "The Positive Parenthood course and one-on-one coaching with Chelsey have been SO helpful to me parenting a three-year-old during a pandemic! I really had no model for what loving parenting with boundaries could look like. The concrete tools and examples from class discussions are things I use absolutely every day now. I feel so much more sure of myself as a parent!" 

And an East Bay Mom wrote: "I thought i was going to Positive Parenthood to help the child with autism. But it really was an approach that healed the whole family." 


Chelsey Hauge
chelsey [at] positiveparenthood.org