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You're Invited To The 5 Day Parenting Reset!

Next week, I'll be hosting a 5-Day Reset with simple tricks, tips, and frameworks that you can put into place RIGHT NOW. Actually, I'll be sharing our 5 core concepts with you in easy to digest bits each day.... and I cannot wait! 

Use code RESET to get it *FREE* through July 10! 

Wondering what's included in the 5-Day Reset? 

  • OUR FIVE CORE CONCEPTS: THE 5 Ps! Learn about what's at the heart of Positive Parenthood and what it could mean for your family
  • Hosted in our Facebook group, each day you'll get a video-training about one of our core concepts (The Five Ps) 
  • Access to a live, exclusive Facebook chat in which I will answer all your questions and you can hear from other parents and families
  • I'll send your tips/tricks and research in bite-sized format delivered to your inbox everyday, always with something to dive into and an infographic for quick reference
  • Those of you who like reminders in your text messages (I love that!) can sign up for daily texts 

Why us? We're a double PhD, mother-daughter team with decades of experience in the field. Everything we share with you comes straight out of the research in neuroscience, speech pathology, social emotional learning and more- but most importantly, we've taken that research and applied it to create tools that will ACTUALLY work. We've got you, parents! 

Don't miss The Five Day Parenting Reset!  Use the code RESET and get it FREE! Sign up here: https://www.positiveparenthood.org/5-day-reset/

Can't wait to see you in there. Until then, big hugs! 

Dr. Chelsey

Chelsey Hauge
chelsey [at] positiveparenthood.org