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Looking for a language arts and humanities tutor to help you finish the year strong, and stay strong this summer? I have openings right now for new students who could use a boost with writing, reading comprehension, and all things language - and I'm happy to work with you in person (fully vaccinated). 20% discount for series of 4 classes.  

I call myself a 'relational tutor,' meaning that I form a strong bond of trust with my students, and get the most reluctant writer and reader to find the joy and increase their skills.  I work really well with students who have learning differences and other challenges (focus, communication, memory, etc...) and with students who find the pace too slow. 

Check out the parent reviews in my profile! I am creative, flexible, and very skilled and experienced in the field of language arts -with 

Amy L Mueller
mueller.amy2010 [at] gmail.com