Panoramic Learning Academy: Two Immediate Openings for 2-5 year olds!!

Preschools & Daycares with Immediate Openings

Panoramic Learning Academy (P.L.A.) provides a balance of academic, physical, and social skills without sacrificing the playful, inquisitive, and fun-loving nature of our young visionaries. P.L.A. offers an eclectic learning experience through the arts, S.T.E.M., and community involvement. From day one, our aim is to treat each child as the unique individual they are. We get to now each child though an observation process which assists our staff in providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

P.L.A. offers:

  • Small learning pods of 6-8 students, thereby decreasing the chances of exposure to COVID-19
  • Small pods provide a less intimidating and non-competitive learning environment where children are free to learn at their own pace
  • On-Site Virtual Academic Learning (O.V.A.L.) - An academic system geared to ease and enhance the transition from physical learning to hybrid learning via PLA’s O.V.A.L. system.
  • The Five Pillars of P.L.A.: 1. Science, 2. Math, 3. Art, Music & Movement, 4. Practical Life, and 5. Language Development
  • 4-1 student to instructor ratio 
  • Early start times and evening hours available for essential workers
  • Multiple-children discounts
  • Tours of P.L.A. (available upon request)

Feel free to visit our website:

Renee McGhee
Panlrnacademy [at]