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Looking for a better fit for your TK/K student?  We have a wonderfully intimate program with just seven students that are ready to welcome newcomers. 

Our small program is ideal for children that will feel more secure in a smaller setting, need extra support in certain areas, and those that love singing, dancing, acting and gymnastics.   We have the freedom to provide plenty of play time because academic instruction is targeted, fun and efficient.  

Our Performing Arts Kinder School is a Preschool/TK/Kinder option might be exactly what you are looking for.

What makes us unique besides our small class size (currently 7 students), is the fact that our credentialed teacher takes a kinesthetic approach to teaching almost everything.  Students are up and moving all the time to reinforce concepts that they have learned.  We have  kinesthetic circle times when they are in our huge studio space moving their bodies to reinforce language arts and math concepts they are learning for the week.  Academic time is targeted and efficient, allowing for more open ended play time for those that need it.   In addition, there is a large focus on social emotional development with explicit lessons and then play time where the teacher supervises the kids and helps them utilize the skills being taught like responding empathetically, working on impulse control and emotional regulation, problem solving, stepping up to be a leader and stepping back to let others lead. The daily performing arts allows the kids to expand their creativity, develop coordination, and push their comfort zones by trying new things increasing self esteem and willingness to try new things without fear of failure.  

Marielle Cammarata
kidsndance [at] sbcglobal.net