Olive SF: Delicious Mediterranean Meal Delivery - Family Size!

Services for Parents, Families & Children
SF Bay Area
All Ages

You can take a break from cooking with Olive, your local Mediterranean meal delivery. 

Weekly changing vegetable-forward seasonal menus available in family size (2-3 portions or 4-5 portions). 

Each menu has the perfect balance between kids favorite dishes, healthy vegan and Gluten free options and some unique dishes for the adventurous eaters in the family. 

Some of our most popular dishes are: Tender  GF beef or turkey meatballs, crispy schnitzel, cauliflower & spinach gratin, Lima beans "Mac" & cheese, Home made dips, frittatas and various GF vegetables patties like quinoa, chard & butternut squash or Cauliflower, spinach & potatoes. 

Use the code BPN15 and get 15$ discount on your first order. https://olivesf.com/meal-delivery/

Elinor Nahmani
enahmani [at] olivecater.com