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At Nourish we believe that the body has the inherent ability to heal when in the right environment, an environment that allows for rest and regeneration.

For Adults:

When our body has the opportunity for deep rest it is possible for the inherent healing forces that are growing, developing and supporting us to work to bring our body into harmony, allowing for heathy and pain free function. 

In our practice we see a large variety of complaints and focus on using traditional osteopathic principles and many different techniques to support your healing. We focus on finding the cause of the complaint, pain or discomfort. The body tells us a story and when we listen deeply to this story we are able to identify the structures that need support in order to improve function and decrease pain. 

We understand that aches and pains are our body talking to us and communicating that there is an imbalance casein the body to compensate. These compensations arise from the traumas; physical, emotional and other that our body has endured throughout our life. Osteopathic care has an incredible way of being able to bring this stress or strain back into communication with the potential for health.

For Pregnancy:

Osteopathic care plays a beautiful and supportive role in your pregnancy and postpartum journey. As your body adapts and grows we are excited to work with you and aim to enrich this wonderful time in your life.

Osteopathic treatment focuses on creating balance in the body to allow for growth. We work with you from early on for conception support, preventative care and the treatment of pregnancy related pain and discomfort. During the 3rd trimester, treatment also addresses structures to ensure optimal foetal positioning for labor. This includes when there is a breech or posterior presentation that may be impacting your birth choices. 

In preparation for birth, we pay attention to the pelvis and lower back and ensure alignment and softness to help with expansion and space required for the powerful process of birth. Osteopathic care has an incredible ability to create balance and align tissues helping the body adapt during pregnancy and prepare for birth with more ease.

We love working with you throughout the sacred time and offer a pregnancy and postpartum pack that also includes a home visit and a workshop on how to prepare for postpartum. 

For Infants & Children:

Treatment for children and babies is ever so gentle and respectful of the perfect forces that are growing and creating them. We do not use force on children, we sit with them and wait for their body to direct us to what they need to support their healthy growth and development.  

Children, just like adults respond to stress and strains in their body. This may begin at birth or be initiated by a rush to the NICU or occur later in life with a fall from the couch. Stress, physical or other over a long period of time will impact function, this is a sign that the body is compensating. Compensations can show up as distress, digestive issues, neurological dysregulation, emotional or behavioural disorders, musculoskeletal asymmetries and dysfunctions, sleep disturbances and many more. 

Osteopathic treatment for children of all ages focuses on the incredible power of the body to be able to heal. We sit quietly with the child, listening to their body and uncovering the strain pattern that is causing dysfunction. It is through this deep listening that we are able to access the powerful healing forces that will help to regain motion and balance in the body and allow for healthy function.

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