North Oakland Community Charter School (NOCCS): Enrolling K-5!

K-12 Schools with Immediate Openings

NOCCS IS ENROLLING K-5th GRADE! We are a progressive, community driven school with an intentionally diverse body of students. We acknowledge that every student is unique with history, learning abilities, and talents. To make our school thrive, we have crafted 10 Core Principles:

  1. Respect for Children and their Learning

  2. High Expectations

  3. A Caring Community of Learners

  4. Valuing Diversity

  5. Connections to the World

  6. Commitment to Equity

  7. Families' Contributions

  8. Respect for Teachers and Teaching

  9. Creativity

  10. Teaching for Understanding

Come join us for a tour every Tuesday at 9am- let us show you what NOCCS is all about! 

Mr. Kloker
kloker [at]
(510) 655-0540