Natashia Fuksman, MFT: Women's Sexuality Process Group

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The biggest thing about this group is creating brave spaces to practice embodied self care, self realization and compassion. Group is open to women and mother's in particular are invited, as all too often, we focus on sexuality of women prior to motherhood. Let's change that and make space for ourselves to notice our own changing sexuality over our life span. 

  • Learn to track your thoughts and feelings, offering a therapeutic experience in recognizing your projections, honoring your strengths and practicing new strategies in communicating.

  • Give yourself the experience of working towards self-acceptance and belonging within yourself and with others as your body and your sexual experiences change, shift and develop over time.

  • Weekly 75 minute sessions online. This group is open to women in the state of California.

  • 6 month minimum commitment, which supports members in their process of the arc of group therapy.

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Natashia Fuksman
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