Moving with Dani: AppLive! Young Women's Emotional Wellness & Yoga Series

Summer & Holiday Camps

The Bay Area Young Women's Emotional Wellness and Yoga Series is a 5 week program for young women ages 16-29. Each session will be 2 hours in length and comprised of 1 hour of talking circle centered around emotional wellness tools and one hour of yoga practice. In this series we will explore emotional wellness topics including: Cultivating a Loving Internal Monologue, Living with Authentic Gratitude, Managing Social Comparison, and more!

Dates: Sunday July 28 - Sunday August 25 each session is from 1:30 - 3:30pm

The series facilitator, Dani Fishman, is a Bay Area native, a former middle school and high school mental health counselor, and a trained healer and yoga teacher.

More information is available at and on instagram @movingwithdani

Dani Fishman
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