Morgan Holland Rayner, LCSW: Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience for Quieter Humans

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Is there a young person in your life that may be considered a quieter human, or sensitive introvert?

Could they benefit from a gentle space to cultivate both self-acceptance and meaningful growth so that they can navigate their path with less overwhelm and anxiety, and feel more grounded and at ease?

I provide coaching for quieter teens and young adults to support their emotional wellbeing and resilience so they can feel more aligned with who they are, rather than who they've been told they should be. I am a coach, licensed clinical social worker and champion of quieter humans! Through my compassionate approach, I help people to feel more connected to themselves and their strengths so they can create the conditions to thrive, on their own terms.

Some topics for coaching might include: managing overwhelm & stress, navigating school and work environments, working through self-doubt and inner critic, cultivating self-acceptance & self-compassion, creating sustainable routines, navigating social connections, adjusting to life transitions with more ease, and self-care for sensitive introverts.

To learn more about coaching for quieter humans, please get in touch.

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