Monarch Parents: Comfort Techniques & Chiropractic Care for Birth (3/16)

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Come get some hands-on practice with doulas and Monarch Coaches Mika and Jessalyn, and learn about the value of chiropractic care in supporting an easier pregnancy and birth!

We are proud to partner with local chiropractic care provider Dr. Elon Bartlett of Acorn Wellness in providing this free educational event and an opportunity to meet service providers dedicated to the physiological well-being of pregnant and birthing people. This class is also great for partners and support people who want some practice providing physical support to a laboring loved ones.

Monarch Parents is a convenient, personalized digital service helping families navigate the journey from pregnancy to early parenthood. Parents schedule regular video calls with their Monarch Coach (who is experienced as a doula, nurse, educator, lactation consultant, etc.)- calls are structured around childbirth education, postpartum support and addressing questions or challenges with professional knowledge and compassion. Everyone that attends this event will get two complimentary sessions - attendees who buy a subscription to Monarch’s 6-month service also receive a complimentary gift card towards chiropractic care at Acorn Wellness!

FREE - March 16th, 2020 ~ Please RSVP HERE!

6:30-7:30pm PST

Acorn Wellness Center
2929 Summit Street
Oakland, CA 94609

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