Mentoring Academy: A Few Openings for Students in Current Year

K-12 Schools with Immediate Openings

Mentoring Academy meets the individual academic, social and learning needs of bright students. We identify each person's evolving academic, social and learning skills, their specific needs, and their individual goals. We then support their growth through active personal, individualized, problem solving engagement.  Fully accredited, college preparatory, community based and mastery oriented, we employ very small classes (1 to 5 students) so students do not fall through the cracks or get lost in Zoomland. 

The central core of Mentoring Academy's approach is relationship building. We identify stumbling blocks, create solutions, guide mastery of strong academics, and develop trusting, knowledgeable, relationships so students can seek help without fear of being judged or belittled. Expectations are high, but support makes attaining the goals doable.  School should not be painful. The relationships, coupled with individualized learning can make it joyful.  For the last Covid year, we finished the school year employing a full the mix of Zoom, telephone, and individual, socially distance safe, conferences. The academics were not compromised, the relationships continued and deepened.  Students completed their courses. Graduation was a real celebration of accomplishments.

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Next Information Session: Saturday, 30 October 1-3 pm  

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