Mentoring Academy: Fall Openings for 9th-12th Grade

K-12 Schools with Immediate Openings
School-Aged, Teens, Young Adults

Mentoring Academy’s students are very successful, and nothing — not even Covid — has stopped this. Why? The essential reasons are small classes (3-5 students each), personalized curriculum, and the focus on developing relationships among students and mentors. Mentoring Academy is committed to providing the opportunity for students grade levels 9-12 to learn at their own pace in a community committed to the wellbeing of all its members, while also accommodating and nurturing each student’s distinct passions and interests. Through Mentoring, students have witnessed success in all areas, including college admissions, national testing, happiness, and life skills. We’re excited to see that same growth again this coming year, in person, and we have room for a few others to join us for the journey.

  • Diverse student population
  • International study and exploration for all students
  • College admissions support program included in curriculum
  • Fully accredited and approved courses
  • Rolling admissions


Ben Davis
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