Melody's Pond: Covid19: Prioritizing health & safety in our Preschool

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We are happy to update everyone that Melody’s Pond Preschool will continue to provide care and education for families who have a parent or guardian who works for a business that had been authorized to reopen or have stayed open.

“We encourage childcare providers to remain open to serve eligible families, including essential workers, and other workers from business’s authorized to reopen during this State of Emergency.” -Community Care Licensing Division May 14, 2020

Social Distancing and Sanitation Protocol: Sanitation has ALWAYS been a priority at Melody’s Pond Preschool PRIOR to Covid-19.

However, we have taken additional measures to meet State and County Sanitation guidelines. These new protocols include but are not limited to….

  1. Continued frequent cleaning/disinfecting in the morning before opening, as well as 30 minutes of cleaning/disinfecting in the evening after closure.
  2. Daily cleaning and disinfecting ALL touched areas by children AND adults
  3. Asking all individuals to use hand sanitizer upon entering a room for drop-off and pick-up. Asking all children and employees to wash their hands upon entering/exiting the facility.
  4. Teachers are doing daily health checks of children to ensure they are healthy upon being dropped off and picked up and daily logs are recorded.
  5. Asking each family to choose two authorized adults to be designated for drop offs and pickups. Asking only one parent to enter the facility at these times.
  6. No volunteers or vendors are allowed at the center at this time.
  7. Deliveries are to be left at the door.
  8. Temperature readings are available in the lobby upon entrance.
  9. Virtual tours are available. In-person tour are only scheduled at the end of the week, and guest must follow our visitor protocols.
  10. Families and employees must follow the updated Sick Policy. 

*Sick Policy, Sanitation Protocols, and Social Distancing Guidelines specific for Melody’s Pond Preschool is available upon requests.

We are continuing to be vigilant in our cleaning regiment by disinfecting light switches, doorknobs, and any frequently touched surfaces. All staff is trained in frequent and proper hand washing and has been instructed to stay home at any sign of illness. We plan to continue to update our staff and families with recommendations and updates we receive from our governing agency and local health officials, as they become available to us. Thank you all for your continued support during these uncertain times, we truly value the strong community bonds we have within our own little school community. We will constantly be re-evaluating the situation as new information becomes available and will communicate any changes or updates to our families as quickly as possible. We recognize that this is a quickly developing situation, and we will provide updated information as soon as it becomes available. We are very thankful for the understanding of our families as we continue to navigate these changing circumstances. As always, we are committed to families and employees at Melody’s Pond Preschool safe and Healthy.

Melody's Pond Preschool is now accepting new students / Ages 15months-5yrs / Rates vary from Part-Time-Full-Time / Monday-Fridays from 7am to 5pm.

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