Media Query: Would you use ride-hailing services for your kids?

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Hi parents, I'm working on a news story about ride-hailing for children and teens. I'd like to interview parents who have used ride-hailing services such as HopSkipDrive, Zum and Kango, which are for children. I'd also like to speak with parents who don't think this is a good idea, or wouldn't use such services. If you have a strong opinion either way, I want to talk with you! Some school districts are replacing school buses with ride-hailing services, and if that's happening in your district I would like to hear from you, too. I write for The Associated Press, which is a national news wire service. Please contact me at cbussewitz [at] or 212-621-7627. Thank you!

Cathy Bussewitz
cbussewitz [at]