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At Mechita Temescal Child Care & Preschool, we believe students grow and learn best when they are engaged in rich experiences throughout their daily schedule and lives. From the rotating daily menu that celebrates founding teacher Mercedes’ Peruvian roots to the full-immersion experience that promotes students understanding the Spanish language, at Mechita’s your child will grow and develop not only a sense of themselves but also a deeper connection to different cultures and world perspectives. In addition to the full-immersion program, students have many opportunities to gain independence through do-it-yourself projects. Our teacher warmly teaches Spanish words and throughout the day during activities, reading time, and went out and about. 

We believe the process is more important than the end result when it comes to project work. Because of this, we encourage children to engage in projects focused on experimentation and self-exploration. In this way, children have the space they need to develop critical thinking skills and pursue their unique curiosities and interests. To connect with us, please reach out via email mechitatemescal [at]

Mercedes Cordova
mechitatemescal [at]