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Functional Math Education: Addressing the Root Cause Rather than Treating the Symptom

Parents & Educators are invited to attend the 1st course in the Making Math Real professional development series . . .

Making Math Real: Overview, K-12 

The Overview 2-day course offered this summer on June 13-14 in Oakland provides parents and all educators, kindergarten to college, the pedagogical foundations and practical applications of implementing and maintaining a comprehensive and fully structured multisensory methodology in mathematics.  This course is the mandatory prerequisite overview for all other Making Math Real courses and is not grade level specific.  Making Math Real is a simultaneous multisensory structured methodology – not a curriculum. The design and intent of its methodology is to empower educators to be clinically prescriptive to serve all students’ processing needs, from special needs to gifted, and spanning all math content from the earliest developments of number sense through calculus. Participants will learn how and why this multisensory structured approach is powerful, successful, unique, and entirely different from the way math has been traditionally taught.  

Overview, K12  |  Two-Day Course  |  June 13-14, 2019  |  Oakland, CA 
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