Making Math Real Institute: SAVE $250 with Super Intro Savings!

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SAVE $250 with Making Math Real's SUPER INTRO SAVINGS!

Are you interested in the Making Math Real methods for your child?  Anyone who registers for the first 2 courses in the Making Math Real course series, back-to-back in the same month, receives 25% OFF with the Super Intro Savings offer:

The Overview, K-12 (Jan. 11-12) and The 9 Lines Intensive (Jan. 25-26 & Feb. 8) courses provide the most essential introduction for learning and applying the Making Math Real Multisensory Structured Methods & are presented back-to-back twice a year in Spring and Summer in Oakland. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to maximize your introduction to the Making Math Real course series and SAVE 25% on the 2 combined registrations.  CLICK HERE FOR 2020 CALENDAR

Register for both the Overview, K-12 and The 9 Lines Intensive courses back-to-back for 25% OFF the total registration fees - a total savings of $250*!


*The 25% savings applies only to registrations for both the Overview & 9 Lines courses offered within the same month. Discount Details

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