Lula's Home Daycare & Preschool: Openings for 2 to 4 years old

Preschools & Daycares with Current Openings

Lula's Daycare will have 2 spaces opening for ages 2 years and up starting in July 2019.  We are a bilingual (English-Spanish) family oriented daycare. We provide music, dancing, and singing, circle time, story time, nature walks round the neighborhood, scissor work, and arts and crafts; numbers, colors, and letters; arithmetics, spelling, and basic conversational Spanish. Our goal is to ensure that each child who enroll's at Lula's is ready, both socially and academically, for kindergarten when the time comes. We promote socialization and learning in a fun and stress-free environment that children love. We provide daily homemade nutritious meals and snacks which includes whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, and milk.  Lula's daycare is a fun and safe place where children will learn how to utilize their gross motor skills but also feel right at home. Children, parents and staff create an atmosphere of mutual respect and meaningful relationships to provide a solid foundation for authentic learning. Spaces are available starting Summer of 2019.

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