Lora Lewis Educational Consulting: College Planning for Students With Unique Needs

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Every journey to college is unique. For students with learning differences, mental health needs, or academic challenges, the college application process can also be confusing and overwhelming. With over 15 years of experience as a college counselor and a background in special education services and policy, I support students of all aspirations in creating the college experiences where they will thrive. I empower students to:

  • Find the college environment that will lead to success
  • Understand & access accommodations in college
  • Create a college list of schools that are great fits and offer appropriate services 
  • Craft meaningful essays and applications
  • Develop an effective transition plan
  • Take ownership of their education & future

Get in touch to learn how I can support your teen and family in creating a life changing college experience.


Lora Lewis
lora [at] loralewisconsulting.com