Little Munchkins Academy: Now Enrolling Ages 0 - 5 Nationally Accredited Program

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Only Nationally Accredited Preschool in Hercules. Brain Development focus for infants, toddlers & preschoolers. Ages 0 - 6 years old (Diapers okay).

We teach Spanish, Sign Language, Reading, Writing, Math, Yoga, and more! A comprehensive Kindergarten Readiness Program. Flexible Schedules. Affordable Tuition. Check out Parent experiences on Google. A higher level of learning.....The Academy in Hercules. Please call (510) 245-0678.

Little Munchkins Academy (LMA) is Hercules’ premier preschool-kindergarten readiness program. A Nationally Accredited school since 2008, LMA has been fostering the leaders of tomorrow. LMA’s mission and teaching approach is to look at the "whole child," including growth intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and creatively.

The focus is not only on academic learning, but teaching children to be good citizens, teaching basic manners, teaching children about respecting themselves and others. In addition to helping the child grow as a person, LMA teaches children Spanish and Sign Language, Yoga as well as providing children with a head start for Kindergarten.

Contact Sarah 510 245-0678 

(510) 245-0678