Little Gems Ivy School : Enrolling Infants (3-24 months) Immediately

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 Little Gems Ivy School is a new in-home school near El Cerrito (Richmond Annex) with just 1 open slot for an infant within the age of 3-24 months. We are currently having our open house for admissions on Tuesdays 5 - 7 PM  and Thursdays 5-7 PM. Please sign up to visit our school here:

About Little Gem’s Ivy School
We use a High Scope Curriculum, which means that while we strive to adhere to both structure and routine, we also follow the interests and ability levels of each individual child. Our personalized educational goals are focused on the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical abilities of each child, and we strategically design and place activities and materials within their reach that will promote growth and further development. 

Each child is special and unique. I believe in providing them with an abundance of love and support. By giving them active attention, and by nurturing them deeply, I believe each child can grow up to be an active, super adult

About My Home
My home is a bright, clean and spacious area for children to learn and explore. Most of the children particularly love the outdoor area, which we visit daily. With multiple rooms, and spaces thoughtfully set aside for children to actively grow and develop it’s a great place to learn.

Contact us here:

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