Kindergym with Dawn for Under 3s: Kindergym for Older 2s /Newly 3s/ Younger Sibs

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$10 Discount through January 15th for our new 10 week Sign Up Series!!

Time Change/Addition: Now 3:45-5 !!

Come join our NEW January-March Wednesday classes with parents and caregivers!!

Your oldest attending child should be no older than 38 months old in January 2020**.

2 children maximum to 1 adult! Priced per family.


A loving, respectful, community building class!

Slides, climbers, ballpit, trampoline, rocking horses, fire trucks and cars, puzzles, playdough, kitchen and block play, puppets, circle time and so much more!

Since we don't use cellphones in class and follow a caring respectful parenting philosophy here, your families will have a wonderful opportunity to learn together!

One of my favorite parts of the role I play here is when you ask me: "How can I support my child when they are having a hard time with..."

Questions? Please contact me at **dawnie57 [at]

I look forward to our playing, learning, joyful time together!! 



Dawn Margolin
dawnie57 [at]