Kidsland Berkeley: Two locations with current enrollment for 24months+

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Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kinder, School-Aged

Kidsland Berkeley offers a program of 100% Spanish immersion for children 6 months and older

Currently, we are accepting children 24 months and older.

Our program is individualized for each child according to his or her needs and developmental stage. 

We support and motivate each child's developmental needs. We know that each child's social, emotional, physical, motor, academic and cognitive growth should be addressed daily. That is why we aim to support the children’s needs to be respected, loved, confident and overall motivated to continue exploring the world around them at their personal developmental stage through play and activities that we schedule during the day, both at the house and off-site.

Our activities include: music, yoga, dance, reading time, art, piano, cooking, writing and a lot of fun! These activities not only introduce the kids to a range of activities, but in the case of the activities we participate in off-site, introduce the children to some of the diversity that the East Bay has to offer.

We provide healthy and organic meals, and can also be flexible to support different dietary needs for each child. Our meals are balanced and proportioned according to the standards of CACFP. 

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