Kendall Heaton, MSW: Stress Relief through Mindful Living for Busy Parents

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Parents are navigating a lot right now... pandemic parenting, distance learning, working from home, wild fires. It can feel like a lot to handle.

If you are ready to shed a layer of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety (even during pandemic parenting!) and step into more calm and clarity- join us for our upcoming 8-week virtual group program "Stress Relief through Mindful Living". 

In this program, you will 1) Learn and practice research-based, effective, and time-efficient tools for relieving stress; 2) Get access to a library of guided Therapeutic Meditations and a companion Therapeutic Mindfulness Reflection Journal; 3) Be held in community with other like-minded parents; and 4) Receive on-going coaching and support from me- Kendall Heaton, MSW, Mindful Life Coach for Parents. 

We can access calm, clarity, and well-being even during uncertain and stressful times. Join us on this journey at:

In the meantime, you can also join us in our FREE Facebook Group- Mindful Parenthood Community- for ongoing support.

Or join us this Wednesday, Sept 2nd at 12pm noon to learn more about the Therapeutic Mindfulness and Meditation Process and hear more about the 8-week program (there will be a replay for those that register). Register HERE

In Solidarity, 

Kendall Heaton, MSW

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