Katy Dion: Can mindfulness help me parent?

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Do you ever ask yourself—

  • How can I be more present for my child—at all times, but especially when I am tired, struggling, or overwhelmed?
  • How do I make time to have a mindfulness practice when I have no time to myself?
  • How can I experience more satisfaction in caregiving tasks that are repetitive or mundane?
  • How do I re-establish my inner motivation and joy for what sometimes feels like I have no choice in doing?
  • How do I reconnect with my body?
  • How do I develop and deepen compassion for myself?

The parents and caregivers I work with in my mindfulness-based life coaching practice have discovered answers to these questions that work in practical terms for their lives, while they grow more connected to a source of stability and groundedness that isn’t contingent on the daily ups and down we experience as parents, partners, professionals, or the many other roles we fill.

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My clients have transformed their relationships to themselves, loved ones, work, creativity, rest, and wellness.

I booked my first session with Katy hoping that she would help me to organize my chaotic life as a consultant and single parent. Instead, Katy has helped me to strengthen my own center and knowing, so that I no longer get knocked over by every wave of overwhelm. The somatic work she has done with me has, in particular, given me insights into long-held beliefs from a perspective I have never been able to take on my own. Equally as powerful as the session itself are the beautifully written notes and practices she gives me capturing each session. She writes up each meeting, describing what she saw and experienced in working with me, and quotes things that I have said. The notes are both a mirror that allows for a deeper reflection and a window into seeing my experience with greater equanimity and compassion.
—Katy’s coaching client

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Katy Dion
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