Katrinca Ford, MFT: Normal? What normal? For parent of children 7 and up

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Wow, what a year your children have been through!  Zoom school from, canceled playdates and vacations, holidays and important milestone celebrations canceled or scaled back.  As schools reopen and life begins to shift back toward pre-pandemic routines you may be asking yourself, What's next?  The environment you have been raising  child in is not the one you are anyone else had expected.  You may have a lot of questions and concerns about how your child has been impacted and how can we help your child adjust and prepare for what comes next.  I have created a free one-hour zoom session for parents of children 7 and older to air your concerns and have your questions addressed. Here's the link to register.  Tuesday April 13 6:30 pm. https://mailchi.mp/familyplaytherapy/lets-chat

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