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For May's Family and Community Workshop at Kala, inspired by the life and works of Jean-Michal Basquiat, we will explore ways in which artists put their feelings, emotions and life experiences into their artwork. Basquiat, a contemporary American artist from New York circa 19070's/80's, often combined poetry, text, symbols, and abstract figures into pieces that expressed identity and commented on the world around him. In this online workshop, we will listen to a biographical story about how Basquiat found his artistic inspiration and motivation from his relationship to his family. Together, we will tap into our own feelings and emotions to create a mixed media portrait that expresses outwardly that which we hold inward. Open to families and community members, ages 5+.

Supplies needed: 



Crayon/oil pastel

watercolors and paintbrush 

cup of water

rag or towel

Basquiat: Family Feelings Portrait (Online)

Session Date: Saturday, May 22, 1-2:30pm

Tuition: $25 - sliding scale available!

Participants are responsible for their own workshop materials; you can purchase an art kit for an additional fee but please register by May 12th. Curbside Pickup & Shipping Information.

Intergenerational -- all ages welcome!

Instructor Bio: Jocelyn Jones is a Bay Area native from Berkeley, California.  She studied fine art at San Francisco State University, graduating in 2009 with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in art studio practice and cinema production.  She is a multi-disciplinary artist, working primarily in painting and drawing figurative work. She teaches art to youth of all ages throughout the Bay Area.

To register for the workshop and for more info: http://www.kala.org/education/family-community-workshops/

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