Jessica Neighbor Vocal Studio: Singers! Join Online Vocal Group for Ages 12-16

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Do you love to sing and need vocal training? Do you want to perform more? Then you should join The Select Vocal Coaching Group's next online class that starts January 6th, 2021 with popular Voice Coach Jessica Neighbor. Learn why this small vocal program, limited to 6 singers ages 12-16, is MORE helpful than private singing lessons:

  • Sing dynamic songs from Pop, Musical Theatre, and Motown. 
  • Learn healthy vocal technique to sing your best.
  • Practice duets with other singers your same age in this engaging online training group.
  • Perform regularly in monthly open mics and in our final Spring Sing Showcase! 

When you train with us, you will build fundamental vocal skills, make new friendships, and gain more stage confidence. Our program singers go on to get into musicals, choirs, and competitive programs from their training with us. Get our program details and learn how to audition by December 10th for our next session HERE:

Jessica Neighbor
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