Jane Molnar's Math for Gifted Children: Logic Mysteries and Math Puzzles Class

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SF Bay Area
School-Aged, Preteens

Class Description:

In this 10-week Zoom class we will work together to solve challenging logic problems from my new book Logic Mysteries and Puzzles for Brilliant Young Minds. The class is designed for math-loving 5th & 6th graders who relish a challenge and want to sharpen their logical reasoning skills. Engaging math topics, including the Fibonacci Sequence, simultaneous equations, primes, perfect squares and cubes, polygons and polyhedra are woven into the logic problems. We will also solve other math puzzles and problems I have created to develop algebra skills. 

The classes will be taught by Jane Molnar. I have 44 years of experience teaching children of all ages, a degree in Mathematics, and specialized training in Gifted Math Education from the University of Washington. I have a passion for helping children develop a deep and lasting love of math. I have published four books, including 2 logic books for children.

Class Details:

Eligibility: Eager, focused, cooperative students in grades 5 & 6

Schedule: Mondays, from 5 to 6pm, starting on March 4, 2024

Cost: $400 for the 10-week session, plus the workbook Logic Puzzles and Mysteries for Brilliant Young Minds which is available on amazon for $9.99

Jane Molnar
jane.molnar [at] gmail.com