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Homeschooling 101, a FREE Intro to Homeschooling Workshop, presented by the Homeschool Association of California and hosted by Jamie Heston, a veteran homeschooler, homeschool community leader, homeschool consultant, and Homeschool Association of California Board Member, will be taking place online via Zoom in March and April.

Choosing to homeschool your children is a major life decision. I will walk you through California's legal requirements as well as help inspire you with all of the resources, information, and connection to other homeschoolers you will need to get started. I have 12 years of experience homeschooling, and 9 years of experience coaching families with children in the Bay Area. I have frequently helped families with gifted and special needs children, however, my advice is applicable to any new homeschooling parent or family. Whether you have young children or are considering pulling your older child out of a brick and mortar school, this workshop will give you the information you need to move confidently forward.

I hope to see you online! (Download and sign in to Zoom prior to call.)

Warmly, Jamie

(These meetings were scheduled at the various libraries listed, but in light of recent health news, they have been moved to an online format.)

Hosted by Bascom Library Via Zoom https://zoom.us/j/633051253 Tues, March 24th, 2:00 - 3:30 pm

​Hosted by Foster City Library Via Zoom https://zoom.us/j/231861633 Wed, April 1st, 5:30 - 7:00 pm

​Hosted by Pacifica Library Via Zoom https://zoom.us/j/370571315 Wed, April 29th, 5:30 - 7:00 pm

Jamie Heston
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