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Homeschool 101, a FREE Intro to Homeschooling Workshop (Ongoing) in concert with the Homeschool Association of California (www.hsc.org) and hosted by Jamie Heston, a veteran homeschooler, homeschool community leader, homeschool consultant (www.jamieheston.com), and current volunteer and former Board Member for the Homeschool Association of California, will be taking place online via Zoom on an ongoing basis. The next session is May 12th at 4pm (1.5 hours). Sessions are scheduled regularly throughout the year.

I will walk you through California's legal requirements as well as help inspire you with all of the resources, information, and connection to other homeschoolers you will need to get started. I have 13 years of experience homeschooling, and 10 years of experience coaching families with children in the Bay Area. I have frequently helped families with gifted and special needs children, however, my advice is applicable to any new homeschooling parent or family.

This workshop will give you the information you need to move confidently forward during these uncertain times. (Download and sign in to Zoom prior to session.) I am also available for consulting calls and company wide training to assist employees encountering homeschooling unexpectedly.

www.jamieheston.com (Links to register for the next three 101 events are on the home page)

Or RSVP and see future dates here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HomeSchoolCA/events/?ref=page_internal

Jamie Heston
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