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ICC is a more efficient and cost-effective way to improve co-parenting. With traditional co-parenting therapy ranging from $1,850 to $2,500 for ten 60-minutes sessions, many parents are left to struggle with a complicated co-parenting relationship that negatively impacts their children.  ICC provides 12 hours of co-parenting education over 8 weeks for less than half the traditional co-parenting therapy price.   

During ICC, participants will identify their CORE Parenting Values and learn how to decrease Stressed Emotional Responses (SER). They will also determine which emotional triggers hinder communication in the co-parenting relationship and learn valuable coping skills to lessen those triggers. Ultimately, this process will reduce stress and improve communication. 

Plus, Co-parents enroll in separate ICC sections. Having co-parents in different ICC sections allows participants to focus on the steps they need to take to improve their co-parenting skills without the distraction of the current co-parenting relationship. At the end of the class, each parent is given a certificate documenting their completion of 12 hours of co-parenting education. Enrollment is open for ICC sections starting in March. Enroll today. Space is limited to ensure each participant gets the information they need.  

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